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In this work, i have derived the equation of the curve obtained on reflection. Use the lensmakers equation to determine the focal length of a thin lens. We would like to suggest that you combine the reading of this page with the use of our. The focal length of a spherical mirror is onehalf of its radius of. Combining ray tracing with the mirror equation is a good way to. To derive the relevant formulae for reflection by spherical mirrors and refraction by. In a spherical mirror, the distance of the object from its pole is called the object distance u.

The mirror formula is applicable both in plane mirrors and spherical mirrors convex and concave mirrors. The mirror equation expresses the quantitative relationship between the object. The figure shows an object ab at a distance u from the pole of a concave mirror. The position of the image is obtained by drawing a ray diagram.

Figure 33b shows the reflection of several light rays at a curved mirror. At each iteration of the algorithm the concave part is linearized, leading to a convex subproblem. Snc 2d light and geometric optics concave mirrors extra practice worksheet a draw a ray diagram for each to locate the image. Fix two pins, say e and f, vertically such that the line joining the pins is inclined to. Reflection of a point object in an arbitrary curved mirror.

Online physics calculator that calculates the concave mirror equation from the given values of object distance do, the image distance di, and the focal length f. In this video david derives the mirror equation and magnification equation. An image formed by a concave mirror, based on an objects distance from the mirror and the mirrors focal length skills practiced this quiz and worksheet allow students to test the following skills. The image a 1 b 1 is formed at a distance v from the mirror. Derivation of mirror formula and magnification is described briefly in this video.

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